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1. Providing you're of legal age, what is stopping you from having sex? Religious reasons? Lack of interest, from either you or another person? Lack of sexual desire for anyone? Fear?
Well it first it was a combination of religious beliefs and lack of interest. Now it's just a personal preference. It helps that I'm not stunningly attractive and rather have my nose in a book or a DS lol. I think one of the biggest reasons is because I'm just not emotionally connected to someone enough to even convince myself to try it. I'm not interested in one night stands, or to have sex for fun. I've had bad, rough luck when it comes to relationships. I'm not ready for one. Period.

2. Are you okay with being a virgin? Do you care about what society/the people have to say in regards to it?

I do care, because it's annoying. It's a problem that needs to be fixed according to everyone, where I'd just rather be left alone.

3. When do you plan on having sex? Do you even want to have sex?

Well eventually, yes, or course I do. I'm however quite jaded. I have no interest in getting close enough to someone.
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