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Woohoo!!! After 2000ish soft resets (I stopped keeping track after a while) I finally got myself a shiny Totodile on HeartGold! Woot!

Nicknamed him Aggro
modest nature (not ideal, but he'll Surf like a beast I hope)
Often scatters things (whatever the heck that means...)
Attack 9
Defense 12
Special Attack 11
Special Defense 10
Speed 9

As it's not a 1/8000ish thing I guess it won't count toward the contesty thing, but hey, 3/8000ish is still pretty awesome, so I'm happy. :D Yay yay yay!
Shinies so far:

SR: Croconaw (HeartGold)

RE: Golduck (Emerald), Golem (Pearl), Butterfree (HeartGold)

PokeRadar (Pearl): Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon, Donphan, Ampharos

Event (Soulsilver): Gyrados

Trades (ie, sketchy): Metagross, Braviary
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