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Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
The only logical thing I can see is a split evolution that's suppose to be a physical version of Houndoom, because again, base stats exceeds 500. I know it's been rebuttaled numerous times whenever I bring it up, but I'm 100% guranteed that they won't do it again because of evolite, and there won't be 1st/2nd stage evolutions to Pokemon w/ BST 465+.
There is no 100% guarantee for anything in Pokemon. They won't even consider Evolite when they evolve Pokemon. They never take items into consideration unless the item is used to evolve them. They can evolve anything they want even if they have 500 BST already.

There already are Pokemon that gain evolutions after 465 BST. That alone is proof that they can and will do it. Its something they've already done and it won't break anything if they do it again so there is no huge negative to doing it. Everything can be countered even Evolite. They can have new abilities that ignore hold items new attacks to disarm items. Many things can be done to stop items from ever mattering.

There won't be any point to evolving Pokemon if one little item that holds very little power over an entire game outside of fan ran material. If they got evolutions Smogon would add a Evolite Ban clause just as they have a Drizzle Swim clause. Life Orb also wasn't banned with spreading of Magic Guard and Sheer Force nor is it banned on Pokemon with insanely high attack power already. The same would not effect defensive Pokemon, has a very little chance of having any type of heavy influence on defensive Pokemon, and no one would really care after the meta switches after some time passes anyway.

Gamefreak doesn't revolve around competitive play, nor do they make big decisions based on current meta, considering they've tried to completely change current meta every generation it stands to reason that they'd evolve 500 BST Pokemon just to troll the players. Meta gameplay is low on their priority list and is just an added bonus. They haven't made any of their games with any heavy meta influence in mind. I don't see them starting now especially since even if they make it OP they'll just ban use of the item from their own tournaments anyway.
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