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With the many sets we have in the Pokemon TCG, what would you say is your absolute favorite? This includes mini-sets like Southern Islands and Dragon Vault, btw. :)

Anyway, I don't make it any secret that I love all the Neo sets, but my absolute favorite is Neo Destiny. I think it's also the most expensive...haha. But the shining cards are amazing and this is the only set they're around in (unless you count the secret rare Shining Magikarp and Gyarados from Neo Revelation) and they look so neat. Playability wise, I don't recommend them, haha. But they're gorgeous. And I love the light and dark Pokemon. The artwork for both are so different, expressive, and neat. And their attacks and Pokepowers match up with their light or darkness. It's just an amazing set, even if Umbreon isn't in it...haha. <3

How about y'all? :)

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