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    Following Sony's press conference on February 20, 2013, the "Playstation 4" was confirmed to be the successor to the Playstation 3. The actual console design was not revealed at the press conference, but, some technical specifications about the console have been announced.

    The following is simply information gathered about the Playstation 4 from various websites; mostly wiki:

    The Console

    The PlayStation 4 will utilize a semi-custom accelerated processing unit (APU) developed by AMD in coordination with Sony. Its APU will be a single-chip solution that combines a CPU and GPU, as well as other components such as a memory controller and video decoder. The central processing unit (CPU) consists of eight x86-64 cores based on the upcoming Jaguar CPU architecture from AMD. The graphics processing unit (GPU) consists of 18 compute units to produce a theoretical peak performance of 1.84 TFLOPS. This processing power can be used for graphics, physics simulation, or a combination of the two. Eurogamer calls the graphics technology in the PS4 "impressive" and an improvement from the difficulties developers experienced on the PlayStation 3. The console also includes a secondary custom chip which handles tasks associated with downloading, uploading, and social gameplay.These tasks can be handled seamlessly in the background during gameplay or while the system is in sleep mode.

    The PS4 will contain 8 GB of GDDR5 unified system memory with a maximum bandwidth of 176 GB/s. This is 16 times the amount found in the PS3, and is expected to give the console considerable longevity. The unified memory architecture allows the CPU and GPU to access a consolidated memory, removing the need for separate, dedicated memory pools. The non-unified memory architecture of the PS3 was reportedly problematic.

    The read-only optical drive will read Blu-ray discs at 6x CAV for a maximum read speed of 27 MB/s – a significant upgrade from the PS3's 2x speeds that were capped at 9MB/s. Early reports indicate that the Blu-ray Disc drive will not be capable of reading quad-layer 100 GB discs, a new Blu-ray Disc technology designed to support 4K resolution. Although the console will support photos and videos at 4K resolution, the system is not expected to be able to render games beyond 1080p.A storage drive will also be included, though Sony has not announced the size or type.

    The PlayStation 4 will feature 802.11 b/g/n wireless network connectivity, Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.1, and an unspecified number of USB 3.0 ports. An auxiliary port will also be included for connection to the PlayStation 4 Eye, a motion detection digital camera device first introduced on the PS3. A mono headset, which can be plugged into the DualShock 4, will come bundled with the system.Output options include HDMI, analog audio/video, and optical S/PDIF.
    The Controller

    The DualShock 4 will be the PlayStation 4's main controller. Similar to the DualShock 3, it will connect to the console via Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. The DualShock 3, however, will not be compatible with PS4. The DualShock 4 will be equipped with several new features, including a built-in two-point capacitative touch pad on the front of the controller, which can be clicked. The controller will support motion detection via a three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer and improved vibration. It will include a non-removable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery tentatively capable of storing 1000 mAh. The tentative design weighs 210 g (7.4 oz), has dimensions of 162 × 52 × 98 mm (6.4 × 2.0 × 3.9 in), and has a rubber or etched plastic backing to enhance grip.[28][30] The design shown at the PlayStation 4 reveal event was "near final".However, the DualShock 4 will not be demoed until around E3 2013.
    DualShock 4

    The controller will feature several output connectors. Its stereo jack (3.5 mm TRS connector) will support the connection of a headset to allow a user to speak and hear audio simultaneously. A micro USB port, an extension port, and a mono speaker will also be included. The controller can be charged via microUSB, a dedicated charging station, or the console (even when the console is off).

    The DualShock 4 will feature the following buttons: PS button, SHARE button, OPTIONS button, directional buttons, action buttons (triangle, circle, cross, square), shoulder buttons (R1/L1), triggers (R2/L2), analog stick click buttons (L3/R3) and a touch pad click button. These mark several changes from the DualShock 3 and other previous PlayStation controllers. The START and SELECT buttons have been merged into a single OPTIONS button. A dedicated SHARE button will allow players to upload video from their gameplay experiences.The joysticks and triggers have been redesigned based on developer input.The joysticks now will feature a concave surface, similar to that of the Xbox 360 controller.

    The DualShock 4 will also feature a light bar that can display different colors. The colors will help identify players and alert them with critical messages such as low health. It also will interact with a camera attachment that perceives movement and depth by using the controller's light bar. It is based on the existing technology used in the PlayStation Move. Existing PlayStation Move controllers will be supported on the PS4.
    This is a picture of the 'DualShock 4':

    Of course, this thread's main purpose is to speculate all about this upcoming Playstation 4. Do you plan on getting the Playstation 4? Is there specific features that you like/dislike about the Playstation 4?

    Feel free to give any opinion/thought about the PS4 here. ^^

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