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    Part one due to writers block

    Chapter 7: Busted: Part 1

    "Yes, it's me….I'm Fine…just a little sleepy.

    "No, no I just…Oh Ha Ha!"

    "I was just talking to a friend from Pallet Town."

    "Yeah, he helped me get past the forest, exhausted but alive."

    "So what's new with you?"

    The conversation would continue like this for a good half hour.

    "How is he?…n…no Haley, you know I…ok…as long as he's getting rest."

    "…They want to know where I am? Thats a laugh."

    She laughs into the phone for good measure. Haley chuckles and teases her for being a poor human being

    "…Thanks Hales…for everything…I will…I just want take in a few more sites before I get back…no…"

    She giggles through the phone

    "Yes, I'll introduce you to her when I get to Cerulean…tell grandpa the usual…and that he was right."

    "It may not be all fun and games…but I'm enjoying myself."

    Pewter City

    "Breakfast! Nnnnnnnnow!" Duke demanded as he jumped up and down on Zanas' stomach like a cheap bounce house. Zanas shot up from the Poke Center bed, sending Duke rolling to the foot of the bed.

    "Geeze Duke, you could have just shook me a little to wake me up." Zanas groaned as he swung his feet out of the covers and onto the cool yellow-tiled floors.

    Duke simply smiled and crawled over to his trainer, nuzzling his head into the boy's hand.

    "I did, but you didn't wake up, and then I poked your tummy and it felt all squishy and bouncy."

    Zanas glared at Duke,rubbing his stomach

    "If you ever make a joke about my weight again I'll starve you fora day."

    Duke made a small squeak of fear at the threat. He pouted and his eyes grew as wide as a new born's could and filled with tears teary-eyed. Zanas paid the lizard no mind, unsure if those tears were real or if Prince had been giving him acting lessons. He threw on a new shirt, his jacket, fedora and backpack while Duke cautiously crawled up to his usual perch on the boy's head.

    Zanas walked toward the bathroom door, his vision blurred from the usual morning dry eyes, leading Zanas to stub his shoeless toe into the open door frame. He jumped in pain, but bit his lips to keep from cursing in front of Duke, who was desperatly holding onto the boy's hat as he jumped.

    "Are you ok buddy?" Duke asked concerned.

    Zanas looked up at the peering Charmander, and forced a smile. "It's...just one of THOSE days."

    Duke title his head in confusion, but kept his query to himself, afraid of being yelled out for questioning his trainer. Zanas pet Duke without looking up to him, reassuring the baby that he didn't do anything wrong. Duke happily accepted this petting and nuzzled the boy's hand while Zanas picked up a small purse like bag from sink counter,minus the shoulder strap.

    He unzipped the bag, reaching and flipping on the light switch to the dimly lit room, being flashed with bright light which subsided quickly to reveal a simple one shower, one toilet and sink restroom.

    The sink had a small cabinet connected to it to hide the pipe's and hold any soaps and towels the trainer's would need. It also had a head-to-chest lengthened mirror just above it, though unlike the one at home, this wasn't simply nailed into the wall. Rather it was purposefully fit into the wall by design. The floor was the same cold yellow tiled floor as the rest of the rooms, still looking just as old but just as cleanly kept as the rest of the Center. The toilet and shower we simply that, only the shower had a very tasteless yellow flower designed curtain to go with it.

    Now that he could see his surroundings, Zanas peered back into the black bag, pulling out a plastic contact's case, one end with a green top and one with a white to signify the right and left contacts. Zanas unscrewed each lid, using one hand to hold the container still.

    Duke watched as his trainer cover his bright white iris eyes with the very dark green colored lenses through the mirror, titling his head in even more confusion. Zanas flinched and rubbed his strained eyes from the sting of the contacts, but recovered with only slight irritation from both lenses. He looked himself in the mirror, his reflections starring back at him lazily.

    Duke moved in front of Zanas' sight, his orange eyes just as wide as ever. "That looks like it hurts."

    Zanas smiled at lizard, petting along his back, mostly to keep a grip on him from falling.

    "I'm used to it. It;s a necessary evil."

    "But why is it necessary? Evil shouldn't be necessary."

    Zanas just laughed at Duke's naive understanding, though not mockingly.

    "You are right, it shouldn't be...but sometimes people prefer seeing one thing over another...or in this case letting other people see one thing."

    "Is it bad to have eye's like that?"

    "Most people would think so."

    "But why?"

    Zanas sighed, his annoyance picked up by the small fire spitter. "S-sorry...I'll stop."

    Zanas, picked Duke up from his hat, siting him on the sink so he wouldn't have to struggle to get to the creature's eye level.

    "Duke..." Zanas started to speak, but stopped. He couldn't lie to his own more than he could lie to Melody. "I can explain why...but I don;t really want to. It;s not that it's wrong to have these eyes, but people...just hold petty grudges and...I just look a lot like a criminal."

    Duke whimpered sympathetically and placed his paws on the boy's cheeks. "You don;t look that bad. Your not ugly enough to be a criminal"

    Zanas laughed again at Duke's sincere attempts to cheer him up. "I know I don't look ugly you smart mouth...I just look like someone who did something bad a long time ago, and as long as my eyes stay hidden then most people wont make the connection. I guess you could say it;s the ultimate game of Hide and Seek."

    Duke smiled Brightly at this and began bouncing on his clawed feet. "Can I play!"

    "Sure sure...but you have to keep the game a secret.Don't talk to anyone else about it ok?"

    Duke tilted his head again, putting a finger up to his ,mouth. "Not even Prince?" is he doing this on purpose? Zanas thought

    He nodded and patted the creature's head, putting him back on his hat and handing him the contacts bag after putting the case back in one of the pouches.

    "Put this in the lower left Pocket of my pack Duke." The Pokemon nodded and obliged his owner's request

    "...and remember."

    Duke suddenly put his hands over Zans's mouth, having easily crawled around his body after slipping the bag inside the pack. "Don't tell anyone."He whispered.

    Zanas pet the lizard approvingly and continued out the door, only looking back to check if he had all of his things. With all of his gear packed, and the "game"established, Zanas and Duke made there way downstairs to meet with the others.

    Since getting thrown out of the building that led out of the Viridian Forest, the team had spent the rest of the night, and most of the next day in the Pewter City center.

    When Zanas came down to pick up his team, he was pleasantly surprised to see that nothing had been broken, burnt or thrown through a wall like the night before.

    Other than Hector screaming at the Nurses to pay attention to him, everyone was calm and appeared bored. When his team saw their trainer, they all rushed to hop onto a different part of his body; Babe and Pepper took a shoulder each, Prince hopped into a jacket pocket, and Hector claimed Zanas' hand. Zanas staggered for the first few steps, but he got used to the weight quickly and casually walked toward the waiting room just left to back room. The Nurses and some of the human patients giggled at Zanas as he pushed past the automatic sliding doors, the elder ones whispering and smiling behind cuffed hands while the younger kids pointed and loudly asked their parents "What Pokemon are those?"

    "What's so funny?" Zanas openly asked, his team shrugging or ignoring him in response.

    "Well, wouldn't you find it funny to see a perch walking around?" A familiar, yet oddly new voice stated.

    Zanas turned to see a Young man in a white overcoat/lab coat, not much older than himself, with dark blue hair sitting at the receptionist's desk. Zanas' eyes grew wide as he took in exactly what he was seeing.

    "You going to keep staring at me,or maybe you'd like to strike a triumphant pose with that Metapod?" the slim man quipped.

    "Sorry, you just look...oddly like someone I know." Zanas said, hesitant to make his assumption out loud.

    "Of course you would," The man sighed, clenching his eyes shut in irritation. "You met my brother over in Viridian?"

    Finally Zanas figured out why the man looked so familiar., Although this sibling seemed far more sullen, and had a different hair style, he was the mirror image of the male nurse in Viridian City. The Pokémon had noticed this as well, all but Hector, and looked with gaped jaws at the brother.

    "If you start drooling I'm going to kick your ass." He growled.

    Zanas jumped a little, taken aback by the sudden inhuman noise, while the Pokemon chirped and growled back, unconvincingly trying to hide their sudden fear of this man-beast. "'s just..."

    The man sneered a grin, obviously pleased with startling Zanas and the team.

    "Relax, I'm just screwing with you." The man, leaned back in his chair, playing with one of the many pencils from desk in his hands. "My parents labeled me Eddy." He said, answering the question that hadn't been asked aloud.

    Zanas lifted an eyebrow at this name, while Prince just snickered. Before the rodent could make a comment, Zanas placed his hand over the pocket Prince took refuge in.

    Eddy saw this and looked between the pair questionably.

    "It...doesn't really suit you." Zanas commented.

    This made Eddy smile, as he leaned forward and bounced the pencil skillfully off the table and into a small cup holding similar pencils. The team and their trainer watched, entertained and surprised by the casual skill of the shot.

    "I feel the exact same, but at the same time I feel that UN-suitedness suits me quite well."

    Duke and Pepper simultaneously tilted their heads in confusion, but Zanas merely chuckled.

    "What? Did I say something...funny?" The way Eddy talked, he sounded suddenly more offended even though his monotone never fully broke. The group took aback again at the sudden mood shift, feeling more uneasy the longer they talked with Eddy.

    "No I...just appreciate the irony of that statement."

    Eddy leaned back in his chair, picking up another pencil and spreading his hands apart, inviting Zanas to explain his reasoning. He caught this, moistened his lips to talk, it had gone dry from nerves.

    "You say the name doesn't fit, but you prefer it not fitting because it belongs to a person who simply doesn't fit."

    Eddy jumped to his feet with a wide grin now stretched on his face.

    "With what?! Society? the world in general? This hospital?!"

    Zanas leaned back from how close Eddy was to him and nervously smiled.

    "T-take your pick?"

    "But I'm asking you to."

    Zanas looked at his surroundings, surprised that no one was staring at the young trainer awkwardly leaning away from the blue-haired man.

    "...I...Well you could argue all three." Eddy's smile shriveled to a flat line between his lips as he waited for further explanation.

    Zanas muttered to himself for a moment as the nurse sat back down, allowing Zanas to stand more comfortably while he thought of what to say. A couple of minutes passed as silence awkwardly planted itself between the two, both waiting for any kind of answer to present itself.

    "Well," Zanas started. "You...obviously have the blue hair, so you don't look like your you can stand out more on your don't look exactly like the healing type... work in a hospital...and your name is more cheery-sounding than your...appearance would suggest."

    "Yet people continue to mistake me for my brother, I'm one of the best nurses in the region and my mother has told me I am quite the charismatic fellow."

    Prince and Babe shared a good laugh at this statement, Zanas unsure what exactly had been so funny, the awkward replay from him or the Nurse's rebuttal.

    Zanas grit his teeth, blushing slightly at the teasing and growing more annoyed with Eddy.

    "So the lesson here is: don't judge a book by it's cover, right? Nothing is ever as it seems?"

    Eddy again smiled, this time flicking the pencil at Zanas' forehead, bouncing it off the trainer's face and into the cup. The team all looked at the cup in shock and amusement, Duke and Prince applauding Eddy for the shot.

    "Smarter than I gave you credit for," Eddy said with such a flat delivery, Zanas couldn't tell whether he was sincere or sarcastic. "...but...not smart enough to work solo, are you?"

    Eddy slouched over his desk as he reached through the cabinets nearest to his feet. Before long he pulled out a file with few papers inside and spread them out on his desk. At first, all Zanas saw were lines of text until he saw a picture of himself. It was the same picture from his I.D. Card.

    "Pallet Town...born in Johto...starter was a Charmander..." The nurse tilted his head to the side to see Duke stretching and snuggling his face into his trainer. Zanas looked back at Duke, then to the nurse, who seemed disappointed, or maybe just unimpressed. The nurse continued looking at the papers.

    "And after a few days from when you got your license, as well as getting through the forest, we find you here in Pewter."

    The nurse stared at Zanas as if waiting for him to speak, the boy averting his eyes, side to side in confusion. "Ya...thats me..."

    "Annnnd?" The nurse questioned, motioning for Zanas to add more.

    "And what?" Zanas questioned back, his tone more annoyed then curious.

    The nurse rolled his eyes and leaned back in his chair.

    "How much did Oak influence your admission into the league?"

    The question felt more like a threat to Zanas. He looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was still watching or had heard. Most were still just chuckling about seeing a walking scratching post for animals to cling to. Zanas returned his gaze to the nurse, who was twiddling a mechanical pencil in his hands, still looking up at the trainer but now with that arrogant sneer even wider than before.

    Zanas shrugged nervously, shaking both Babe and Pepper on his shoulders and spoke as calmly as he could.

    "What do you mean?"

    Eddy made a groan in the back of his throat, leaning forward and tapping one of the papers on his desk.

    "These are the only files left that remotely deal with your admission to the League. The twenty or so sheets were full of copy and pasted Tauros crap about where you came from and Oak's personal recommendation."

    Zanas grit his teeth, but kept his voice calm, his team now looking more confused than angry.

    "So Oak talked a little. Most trainers get some kind of third party to speak for them."

    "True, but most don't go out of their way to write half a file's worth of a recommendation." Eddy's grin just wiped over his face, growing wider while his eyes pierced into Zanas', as if seeing the anger and fear building in him. "Your file was also...less public than it should have been."

    Zanas shrugged again, this time more naturally, keeping his eyes focused on anything but Eddy's face. "They put me at the bottom of the pile. Makes sense to do that to a no-name from such a small town." His tie. Zanas just kept his eye focused on the nurse's tie under the lab coat.

    "Since the war, no one from Pallet Town goes unnoticed." Eddy picked up the photo of Zanas and compared it to the real one.

    "You look so...uneasy...why don't you just put on that big grin you had when you took this photo?" Eddy chuckled to himself. "Or did Oak have to do that for you, too?"

    Zanas was shaking. His best attempt to look calm just wouldn't cut it. This Eddy could see right through him. The team kept quite, unsure what to say or weather to say anything at all. They continued to look between each other, silently asking with their expressions for someone to speak up. For a long moment no one did.

    Eddy, again was the first to talk. "You know...I could easily report you to the League and any kind of trouble you could cause, with that likely forged I.D., would be stopped right here and now."

    Zanas snapped to attention, opening his mouth to speak, but no words formed. Eddy Raised his hand in defense and sighed out his words.

    "But I wont."
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