Thread: [Essentials Tutorial] How to add more features to the Pokégear
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Map, Phone and Jukebox aren't enough features for you? Let's add more!

In Pokégear script section, after line [email protected]=-1' add [email protected]=-1', after line 'commands[@cmdJukebox=commands.length]=_INTL("Jukebox")' add 'commands[@cmdSomething=commands.length]=_INTL("Something")'. Before the last line 'return', add the scene call in a 'if' statement with the command index, something like:

      if @cmdSomething>=0 && @sprites["command_window"].[email protected]
        pbFadeOutIn(99999) {
Change all the "Something" for something (lol) like DayCareChecker (works with this script if you use 'screen.startScreen' instead of 'screen.pbStartScreen' in the scene call). You can put a icon if you match the name, like the pokégear icons in Graphics/Pictures folder.
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