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    Originally Posted by superanthony182 View Post
    Thank you all for your suggestions and comments. As you know this is an ongoing effort and we will continue to improve the game to best fit our audience's desires and wishes.
    Of course! I don't know if I emphasised it enough, but your game is fantastic. Really. In my initial post I felt my emphasis was on making the glitches known, but I also want to draw attention to your great use of events, the use of overworld sprites of Pokemon, battle backgrounds and your interpretation of the towns. I also wanted to congratulate you on your balancing of levels in terms of difficulty.

    Aside from that I have (I am sad to say!) found another glitch, which is potentially game-breaking.

    I progressed from Cerulean to Vermillion. I defeated some trainers, not all. I skipped some in favour of healing in the Pokemon Centre. Defeated Surge. Then, when I tried to head north and back to Cerulean I could not, and could only go on to the SS. Anne. If the trainer is unable to defeat the trainers on the SS. Anne (Tentacruel at lvl 20) or are too weak to beat them, they have no way of training if the game does not let them into the route above Vermillion to battle wild Pokemon. I have yet to see if the glitch occured due to the programming of events, or if I can never go north of Vermillion into Cerulean, but we shall soon see!

    EDIT: I am also in agreement with hanabluebird, the code is impossible to put in at the secret base bit as well as the Grand Pokemon Hotel. Am I doing something wrong, or is there a bug?

    So... my progress is limited to the hotel at the moment, but I will check back with future updates. Congratulations on your progress so far. (I would suggest that in your next update you make a way to get back to the mainland if you can't do that already after the hotel glitch!)