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    Originally Posted by Cirno View Post did I not post here yet?! That needs to be corrected right away! Welcome to PC, Fionn. :D

    Oh my gosh, I remember Pokemon Crater. That game was my life for such a long time and my best real life friend played it, too. It was addicting to train and capture Pokemon, especially collecting those special-colored ones, but the downside was that the site was super slow. Don't quite remember what my first Pokemon was but I do know that I adored that game oh so much. There's actually a somewhat new site that's a remake of Crater called Pokemon Vortex - it's a lot faster than its predecessor. Thanks to your post I remembered to log back in again to check what's going on! We should totally be friends and play together over there if you make an account, hehe. <3

    I'm so glad to see you've been settling in well so far! Stopping by Pokemon Clubs will be totally worthwhile since you can explore some clubs you're interested in there as a big Pokemon fan. Your interest in the franchise will hopefully be livened up even more by being here! PC might be kinda intimidating for a first forum since we're such a huge place, but I'm sure you'll settle in just fine. Doesn't take much time to understand the rules and you seem like someone who will contribute a lot here.

    Make sure not to disappear or I will be sad, because you are really promising. Have a great time, Fionn! Make sure to be a poster and not a lurker, you'll have a lot of fun. n~n And by the way, Phione is adorable, though admittedly I think of Finn the human from Adventure Time when I see your name, haha.

    Thanks for the welcome, Cirno!

    Ah, it's always great to see another ex-player of Pokemon Crater. And yes, I do remember that the site was terribly slow and laggy. As a kid I always used to rage whenever the page took a longer time than usual to load because I was so into the game. XD Pokemon Vortex? That sounds interesting if it's a remake of Pokemon Crater. I'll definitely check it out sometime soon!

    I've been hanging around the different sub-forums lately, and I have to say this is a pretty organized place. The Pokemon Clubs look cute, I'm actually thinking of joining a few of them in the near future.

    Unfortunately, I have been lurking for the most part during the past few days. Laziness strikes...and then I don't feel like posting. Haha! I probably won't be disappearing though, so don't worry. :3
    Most people have told me that they think of Finn's genderbent counterpart, Fionne (if I'm not wrong) when they hear my name. It's pretty amusing.

    Originally Posted by ExtremeGamer View Post
    Hi Fionn! I love you real life name haha.

    Anyways, welcome to PC, hope you stay active! Its rly fun here and its your first time in a forum? If you need anything, just VM (visitor message) me! I can help you

    Hey, thanks for the warm welcome! That's nice to know. Haha!
    I'll be sure to VM you if I need any help.


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