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    Originally Posted by LaDestitute View Post
    2. You can't really add more than 256 Pokemon without overwriting existing ones, or repointing tables and such, which is very complicated and hard. Just ask Jambo, he knows, but that's for GBA. What I'm saying with my later statement is that it's so hard to do, that Jambo is the only dude to do it yet, even for GBA.
    Actually, you can add as much pokemon in a G/S/C game as you like (rom and ram size limits are actually the only restrictions there). But let's say, if you don't need Pokedex in the game, there could be quite a lot.

    Koolboyman introduced a general, fully implementable, way of adding another set of 256 pokemon in gsc, without having to replace that much of the original in-game coding. If I had to guess, I'd say that there are +500 pokemon in Prism (his hack), but not more than those (512, or actually, 510 if one (1FE) is reserved for Egg and another (1FF) is "end-of-list" check value).

    Jambo is a very good programmer and hacker in general. You're totally right about that and I agree with you. And it's also true that only the most talented rom hackers around (there aren't many of them still around in Pokecommunity, if any besides him) could go for doing an engine hack as significant as his 649-patch. But saying that "it's so hard to do that Jambo is the only dude to do it" is just totally wrong.

    If Jambo you're reading this, I wasn't insulting you in any way here, just stating out facts (and same goes for you, LaDestitute, too).
    Because actually, you feel like a pretty bright guy to me

    Originally Posted by Thomasco2013 View Post
    3. Edit that screen that say gamefreak.
    Tile Molester will do (if it has 1BPP mode that is). If not, use Tile Layer Pro.
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