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Hello there Fionn :D!

Oh I know that feeling that magical feeling of joining your first forum *A*.
According to my experiences you'll probably be quite active then again.. I might be wrong :c .
Nice to meet you though, I'm new myself so I don't think I can help you.. at least right now o-o. We can be great friends though ;D!

I've never heard of the pokémon crater (or maybe I did and just forgot...) what was it like? Just a pokémon gameboy game but online? I have to tell you I always picked the mudkip, mudkip was way too cute for words *A*.
Which reminds me..

I used to love flying types as well since I always wanted to fly but then I realized I was afraid of heights QAQ;; .

I hope you'll have a great time here and welcome to PC!

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