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    liveblogging time!
    - well candace is talller with a way higher voice than i would have expected
    - how manly is paul holy crap
    - zoey's a cutie ain't she!
    - i actually really like this theme
    - wtf was that title screen tho
    - Ash just interrupting Paul's training to brag what you doin kid
    - Zoey omg I really like her
    - they really translated that as "Ms Senior" WHAT ARE YOU DOING
    - Reggie! I like this dude.
    - I looked away from the screen for a sec and couldn't tell if Paul or Reggie was speaking in their exchange.
    - Reggie tries so hard to get Paul to be social aw
    - why is it flying
    - what is it doing
    - that looked weird as hell
    - nope still not liking James & Meowth's voices
    - I like his ceiling screen
    - wow Brandon's friendlier than I expected!
    - speedy exposition there from Brock
    - whoa Reggie's got a history
    - DP is kickass guys
    - "and it's... so huge!" hahahahahahaha I'm a child
    - oooh backstory
    - look it's a proper battle omg
    - james' voice holy hell ;;
    - and Ash remembering things what is this!?
    - god DP is good
    - speedy exposition from the 'dex there
    - as if anyone would teach more than one poison move to a Nidoking psh
    - i love Nidoking
    - oooh Brandon be trash talkin
    - this is proper battling innit
    - dang Brandon you be curbstomping this boy
    - regice still has the creepiest voice ever
    - the BGM is making this omg
    - this episode seems to have gone by fast as hell
    - wow
    - that was really good
    - appealshipping yepyep
    - ooh
    - oooh
    - i want to watch this more

    also have some chat logs. [plasma is necrum yo]
    07:59:52: OMG this feels like a real anime
    07:59:59: The way the characters act
    08:00:01: >.>
    08:00:03: I KNOW
    08:00:11: DP's looking damn good
    08:00:16: DPPt is amazing!
    08:05:18: Holy ****, someone in the show challenged with his eyes like in the game! LMAO!
    08:05:58: hahaha
    08:09:55: dp
    08:09:57: is really
    08:10:00: really
    08:10:01: good
    08:10:03: wow
    08:10:14: you know barring some voice problems
    08:17:15: Ugh, plot
    08:17:24: I WANNA KNOE
    08:17:27: KNOW*
    08:17:28: i want to watch more now!
    08:17:34: ****
    08:17:37: This was a bad choice!
    08:17:39: OMG
    08:17:43: we've been captured by DP!
    08:17:46: WHAT HAS LUKE DONE
    08:17:51: DAMMIT
    08:17:57: I'M SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS
    08:18:02: IT'S TERRIBLE
    08:18:03: We need to watch more DP
    08:18:11: yes yes omg
    08:18:23: This is the best Pokemon Episode I have ever seen
    08:18:25: it's so good
    08:18:35: Except that James sounded SO bad
    08:18:38: yeah
    08:18:43: I am not very happy about that
    08:18:48: me neither
    08:18:57: But OMG they were in a car like real people!
    08:19:00: but everything else was so good
    08:19:18: That's literally what I was thinking when that happened
    08:19:24: hahaha
    08:19:28: Like, when do they ever travel by car?
    08:19:48: They usually walk everywhere
    08:19:52: god damn bro i just want to watch all of DP now

    So yeah. Oh my god. DP is amazing and wow. Guys this is the first thing in DP that I've watched that actually has plot and characterization in it. Because like the only other episode I saw was the one where Ash was a maid. shut up And now I'm in love oh my god this is so good why can't Best Wishes be this good ;___;

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