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    Here's my Pokemon Sapphire Team -

    Jepp the Swampert ♂
    Lvl 52
    Naughty Nature
    Ice Beam, Earthquake, Surf, Rest

    Lynn the Gardevoir ♀
    Lvl 51
    Timid Nature
    Calm Mind, Psychic, Attract, Toxic

    Mitt the Breloom ♀
    Lvl 50
    Adamant Nature
    Iron Tail, Sky Uppercut, Leech Seed, Sludge Bomb

    Ryuu the Aggron ♂
    Lvl 51
    Lax Nature
    Iron Tail, Metal Sound, Take Down, Earthquake

    Russ the Manectric ♂
    Lvl 53
    Brave Nature
    Bite, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Charge

    Zenn the Altaria ♀
    Lvl 51
    Relaxed Nature
    Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Sing, Aerial Ace

    I will be back to edit this post with pictures once I can post them.
    Taking on the Elite Four tonight, so wish me luck!
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