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I curse quite often. They are part of my everyday vocabulary and I use them functionally to intensify an emotion when necessary. It might seem weird, but to me it even sounds more romantic and earnest when somebody swears when telling something. I tone down when around kids obviously, and also when I am talking with teachers or elders I keep my swearing to a minimum, but they've become intrinsic parts of my language by now. Of course, on a forum that's PG like this one, I don't swear at all.

I think swearing is a healthy thing to do. They're like cayenne peppers that you spread over your food. They spice things up, and should probably be used in moderation otherwise your food will taste terrible. Almost all good books I've read had recurring swearwords. The most egregious example of which would be The Catcher in the Rye, but other books like Slaughterhouse-Five, Catch-22, Fahrenheit 451, On the Beach, the Beach, all have swearing in them. They're necessary parts of our language, and without them, release of any emotion would be very difficult to achieve, to me.
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