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    1. How many times do you think you've had it?
    Uhm, probably about 90+ times for the past 4 years. Im not that active at it XD

    2. What age did you lose your virginity, providing you have lost it?
    It was around 4-5 months before turning 18, with my female BFF.
    I mean it just happened, and to be really honest I had a crush on her too since I hang up alot with her.
    The problem just was that she was in a relationship for around 3 years+ that time, she just claimed that time it happened between me and her that she doesn't love him as much that time as she used to.
    Plus he lived kind off far away so it wasnt really a problem having a affair with her.
    We both were in the same class so we had to predent theres nothing.
    And she said she was going to leave him for me >.>
    Anyways that kept going for around 4 months until I didn't care the she wasnt leaving him for me, we got attracted only physically to each other and decided that we'll leave it that way. She was a too good friend to loose because of that.
    After that Ive went with around 7 more girls several times with each other, I like to be more attached emotionaly to someone rather then physically.

    3. Have you done the dirty deed with guys and girls?
    I love only girls and never will like boys in that way.
    This doesn't mean I have something against boys loving boys as long as it isn't on me, there Im very stricks because I really dont like it when something similar happens to me.

    Also with the deeds?
    With my BFF since it was a affair she showed me things I never knew back then XD
    i kind of got my experience with her.

    What do you think of people who have sex often, with many different people?
    Tbh really honest I don't have that much against it since Im not any better.
    In the land I live (Kosovo) having sex with more then 1 people is kind of disgusting to some, people want that a girl is married before having it.
    But boys >.> they can do that off course, the girls arent allowed though! >.>
    Idk why this is so here, probably because were muslims and they claim to be muslims which live after the religion. They dont follow it that much though.
    As said I dont have anythign against it as long they know what theyre doing but girls will mostly being called S**** by the ones who dont get to have sex with them.
    But I would not be that comfortable if I would get into a relationship with a girl which had sex with more persons then I did, idk why I just dont feel comfortable with it.
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