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First of all before I start, I want to thank Harlequin for starting this thread. I think that sex is something everyone should talk about. Whether, or not you're opposed to what some see as a 'touchy' subject I think it's still necessary to appease your brain's demand for sexual maturity.

Anywho.. On to the good stuff.

1. How many times do you think you've had it?

Holy... the number probably well exceeds 5-600. Granted 4-598 of them were with the same girl. My high school years I had a girlfriend, and we were quite the horny couple. We dated for two, and a half years. Through the later end of high school, and a year after going into college semesters, and so forth. I won't gush into details, but if you've had a partner you've been seriously involved with you'll know it gets out of control after a while of becoming addicted to the endorphin rush.

2. What age did you lose your virginity, providing you have lost it?

I was 16 when the deed happened. The girl I was mentioning above came over one day after school, and we were just hanging out. After a while it just happened. Two weeks later we started dating.

3. Have you done the dirty deed with guys and girls?

Fortunately for me, I've only been sexually active with females. Although I wouldn't willingly submit to homosexual actions I wouldn't be opposed if there was a Ménage à trois going on.

BONUS. What do you think of people who have sex often, with many different people?

I think that having sex frequently isn't a bad thing. Nor is anyone a bad person if they are sexually active often with a plethora of people.

I will say that those people are well aware of the consequences. Of course there is the issue of contracting a disease, but furthermore there's the possibility of having a child. If you're not ready for the consequence attached to the responsibility, you might want to refrain from bumping uglies for a bit.


As much as I love sex. I will have been sexually abstinent for a year, two weeks from now. Prior to breaking up with my ex-girlfriend around this time last year. I had two flings since, not long after the breakup. Since then, I've been taking time to put together the pieces of the broken puzzle I call my life, and things are starting to return to normal. I came to the realization that I can't be caught up in chasing sex, because it was keeping me from what I really wanted to accomplish in my life.

At the same time I haven't found any women I'm really interested in, or haven't met any women that have wanted me in the same way. I can't take the risk of having accidental children with someone that I don't care for, and my bankroll is too small right now to support a child, or a college fund for that matter.

So as a friendly reminder, and a closing statement

Do what you love in life. Don't let anyone tell you different. Change on your own terms. And be protected at all costs, it will only benefit you in the long-run.

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