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    Jeez, death counter just jumped way up... This isn't as easy as I first thought I'd be.


    So I thought I was ready for poison gym, thinking all right my Butterfree can handle anything in there with Psychic... I'd completely forgotten how funky Gen 1 used to be. The first thing I face against is a lvl 38 Hypno, while my entire team is around lvl 33-38. Situation got dire very quickly, nothing on my team was able to take more than 2 hits each. Faced with the real danger of a complete team wipe, I realised what had to be done, even though I did not like it one bit. I rationalized that I could afford to sacrifice Butterfree and Primeape, as I still had replacements for them. Using them as deathfodder, I was able to finish Hypno off with Beedrills Twineedle, but it was a really close call.

    Luckily there was Venonats close-by, only I did not enjoy the idea of grinding its level up. I figured I'd get some easy experience by killing team rocket's koffings and weezings with it, I mean Venonat resisted poison attacks and couldn't get poisoned itself right..? I'd been lulled into a false sense of security. With maniacal laughter, team rocket member ordered his Weezing to self-destruct, taking my new trainee with him. There goes my only hope for a psychic attack.

    Not in a great state of mind, I captured Machop and Rhyhorn and decided to train them up by fighting wild pokemon nearby. Both of them died to my lack of judgment. I thought Machop was strong enough to take on Raticate of same level, but Hyper Fang got him first. Rhyhorn was tanking all physical hits from a Fearow very well, I thought it was safe at around half-health when a critical hit from pursuit suddenly killed it off as well. I'd forgotten Pursuit used to be special attack after all.

    This is where I stopped myself and went into full-on defensive mode to prevent any further casualties. If I lost anything else I'd have permanent weaknesses in my team, with no replacements. The last glimmer of hope, was the scyther in Safari Zone. It took almost 2 hours, even with emulator speed up button, to finally catch it. Never again. I named it Kazekami, and taught him Aerial Ace and Double Team.

    Grinding my way up the bicycle road, Kazekami was getting level-ups quick by leading and then switching to my Onix SolidSnake. Soon enough Kazekami was strong enough to go solo against the fighting types, and was nearly 1HKO'ing Machokes of the same level. Reaching lvl 32 by the end, we headed towards the fighting dojo to win ourselves a fighting type. Kazekami sliced the opposition, and the leader gave us Hitmonchan. Finally I had a full team again, but the question still remains how I am going to beat the poison gym?

    Ken-chan, lvl 25

    FurySting, lvl 33

    DaftFungi, lvl 33

    Kazekami, lvl 35

    SolidSnake, lvl 41

    HM Slave, lvl 10
    (also I have my lvl 7 squirtle, which I am going to use for Surf until I get Omastar)

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