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    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

    Well, this is just an example:

    On this website, participants have the ability to communicate through text, voice, webcam, or a combination thereof. So each user has options depending on what they are most comfortable with.

    It is password enabled. Users would only need the link to the room and the password to enter the chatroom, no signups or downloads required. The site has no tags and is not searchable in the tinychat room directory. To ensure privacy.

    Further, the password to the room can be PM'd to any members who are interested to avoid getting unwanted spectators, and can be changed as often as needed. Though, an age restriction might need to be enforced. ie. 16+, or whatever is deemed appropriate. There may also need to be a post count requirement in order to receive the password; i.e. 25 or 50 posts.

    Lastly, is the issue of issuing the password via PM. Which would be facilitated through a thread, most likely in the Off-Topic Discussion Sections. The thread would also be used for establishing conduct guidelines.

    Let me know what'cha think.
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