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@Ray: I dunno about making a female character, since I'm a guy and I prefer to stick to what I know. I tried making females once or twice, but failed miserably. Sorry. On the other hand, the school year's almost over for me, so yeah, I'd say I can keep up, although there may be some days where I don't manage to get onto PC.

Name: Toa the Blackhearted Duke
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Zoroark
Elemental Mastery: Dark


(Artwork copyright Xous)

Toa's appearance is drastically different from that of a regular Zoroark; as is his father's appearance, and all those before him. The drastic difference in colouration is more than it seems; it is actually a result of minor genetic mutation. How this genetic mutation came to be, nobody knows, but the trait was passed down from Zoroark to Zoroark, passed down along Toa's bloodline. The mutation makes it so that Toa's long, puffy 'hair' is mostly pitch black, apart from a red streak that makes its way along the middle. The hair is separated at the bottom by a naturally attached hoop similar to a hairband. The lower section of the hair is partially black and ends in red fur. The red streak of fur makes its way to his forehead, and ends near his muzzle, with two smaller tufts of fur extending to either side of his face, which cover his ears entirely. From the muzzle extend two long, black eyebrows. The top part of his head is coloured black, whereas the bottom part reveals his grey skin, giving the impression that he is wearing a bandit mask. His eyes stand out the most, since they are a piercing shade of yellow. The sight of these eyes alone can sometimes be enough to intimidate his foes.

On the upper half of Toa's torso, a large tuft of red fur snakes its way over a larger section of black fur. On both his shoulders rest dual circles coloured a light yellow. These are the symbols of power passed down in Toa's lineage. They are made of metal, but are surprisingly light. The lower part of Toa's body reveals his bare grey skin. His upper arm appears shaved, revealing his grey skin once more. However, his forearm is covered in fur of both red and black colouration, ending with three sharp white claws. His legs are similar; the upper section is coloured in black fur, while the knee and lower section are coloured in red, and partially cover the black fur on his foot. His toes are simply three white claws, similar to those in hands but smaller and sharper.

Clearly, Toa and his lineage of Zoroark ancestors are far different from the typical, mainly black-coloured Zoroark. It is not entirely clear why or how the minor genetic mutation occurred, but some speculate it was a curse set on Toa's family long ago...

Personality: Toa was raised to be ruthless, merciless and strong. He cares not for other people's feelings, and utilizes his own feelings of determination, anger, and ambition to fuel his actions. He shows no mercy, especially to his enemies. He is also arrogant and prideful. believing himself to be superior to all other Pokemon. He is quite selfish and will not do anything for anybody unless there is something in it for him. Of course, he is not a fool. In fact, he is extremely intelligent; raised with the best education one could afford. Combined with his general resourcefulness and ingenuity, he believes himself to be a genius. He is perfectly aware that he is a bad Pokemon, but unlike those who feel bad about it, he takes pride in this. He believes that in this cruel world, only the evil can survive; only the treacherous, the wrong. This is why he does his best to suppress what little good might be left in him. Whatever was left of his consciousness is locked away deep inside him.

If there is one thing that Toa despises, it's weakness. Even as a child, he hated how much weaker everyone was than him, or so he believed them to be. He was raised to believe that he, in his nobility and heritage, was more powerful than the average Pokemon. Because of this, he developed a serious god complex, as well as a burning hatred for weakness. He uses this hatred, along with many other emotions, to fuel himself in combat and in many of the actions. His highly intellectual mind will often ponder how it came to be that he was so much stronger than everyone else, though deep, deep, deep, deep, deep down, his consciousness knows he is only fooling himself.

History: Toa was born to the Duke of Cyala, a rich Zoroark of high nobility who was very close to King Aion. Toa was raised in wealth and splendour, given the best education one could have, and trained in the ways of the darkness. Although it seemed as if his life was perfect, he never received any love from his mother, and his father trained him ceaselessly, day and night, teaching him to become strong and powerful. His father taught him of his strength and the weakness of all others, even King Aion, from a young age. Toa was brought up to believe that all Pokemon were inferior to himself. He was taught at home, in the Duke's Mansion, by the most skilled teacher in Cyala: Falor the Prophet. Falor, a wise philosopher, disagreed greatly with the Duke's method of training and raising his son. He saw the true potential in the boy, but was unable to bring it out due to the Duke's interference. Falor saw that the arrogant, hate-filled Toa was actually a hero, though he kept it to himself for Toa's sake.

Toa, now the tyrant he is today, eventually grew bored of his life as the Duke's son. No matter how old he got, the Duke of Cyala simply refused to die and hand his title over to his son. This greatly angered Toa, so he decided to change things around a bit. Under the tutelage of a professional thief known as Torrox the stealthy, Toa became a professional thief himself. His thieving habits were far greater than that of an ordinary pickpocket, however. The Blackhearted Duke would often plan elaborate heists with the help of his team of thieves. He and his team would steal precious artifacts and break into bank vaults; most often those of rivalling noble families. Eventually his actions became known all across the city, and he and his band of thieves were dubbed the 'Thieves of the Dark'. They basked in the glory of their infamy, all the while continuing their work.

At one point, the Thieves of the Night began planning their biggest heist yet: they were going to steal the Dark Plate from King Aion. Their plan was to get into the royal palace by posing as messengers, taking out the guards who would escort them to the king, find the bank vault where the Dark plate was held, and break in. The floor would be covered in trip wires that would set off an alarm, so the Thieves would use a hookshot that would attach itself to the ceiling, swing past the wires, grab the plate mid-swing, being sure to instantly replace it with a rock in order to avoid setting off the pressure plate, swing back, and escape. The plan was well under way until they were caught while escaping. As it turned out, the guards had pretended to be knocked out so that the Thieves would take the plate and be caught red-handed. They had invited Aion to see the spectacle as well. When it was found out that Toa himself was the leader of the Thieves of the Night, he was sentenced to execution for treason, as was the rest of his group. His father, the Duke of Cyala, would not stand by and see his son killed. He came to the king and claimed that he was the mastermind behind the entire operation, in the hopes that Aion would release his son and condemn him instead. Toa was stunned that his father would do this for him, as it was the first truly good thing he had ever done for him.

At first, King Aion was ready to release Toa and condemn the Duke, but then a terrible truth was discovered. Toa had a mastery over Darkness for a reason. He was a hero. Aion, able to sense this, decided to condemn both father and son to death for treason. The two were thrown in a prison cell for several days before they were finally taken out to be executed in front of the city. However, Toa had devised an escape plan. Using mind tricks and illusions, Toa made the executioner attack the surrounding civilians, causing a panic among the public. He took this chance to escape in the crowd, but his father was not so lucky. He was detained by the guards before he could escape, and Toa, evil as he was, paid no heed. He simply wanted escape. Eventually, he managed to make it out of Cyala, knowing that the king would ceaselessly try to find him if he stayed.

For months, he wandered the landscape of Altica, searching for a place to stay. Depressed that he had been reduced from the Blackhearted Duke to a simple outlaw, Toa never stayed in one place for too long, paranoid about Aion's forces. Eventually, he received a mysterious message from a Pokemon calling himself Elder Durand. Intrigued as to the term 'heroes' that he used, and having nowhere else to go, Toa the Blackhearted Duke made his way for Area 52.

Moves: Night Daze, Night Slash, Pursuit, Nasty Plot, Swords Dance, Sucker Punch
Others: Although he overestimates himself, he never underestimates his enemies, which is rather strange.
RP Sample:
From The Pokemon Odyssey:
As Paladin rushed towards the next group of Ancients, many things happened at once. Suddenly, only a few blocks away from where Paladin and Accatosh fought, there was a huge explosion of fire and flames. The eruption of power looked more like the handiwork of a Pokemon than one of a bomb, but what monster could create such an intense outburst? Only one Pokemon came to mind: The Inferno. Paladin knew his power personally, and memories resurfaced of his fight with the Typhlosion. The fight had been intense, but it ended in an explosion similar to this one, and both Pokemon had been thrust to opposite sides of the battlefield. The ferocity of the nearby blast sent Paladin, and most likely any nearby Pokemon, to the ground. He fell with a booming thump onto the ground, as did the Ancients and the civilians being threatened by them. "Inferno," Paladin said, to no one in particular. He would have to deal with his old enemy later, since the Ancients were getting back up and they were ready to kill civilians. "Come on, Accatosh!" Paladin exclaimed as he rose from the ground and resumed his charge. Within no time, he was already there. This time, a troupe of eleven Ancients circled six civilians, like hungry predators closing in on scared prey. Paladin got there just as a rather large Armaldo lunged at an innocent, ready to decapitate him with his claw. Paladin stopped him just in time, jumping the Armaldo and tackling him to the ground. The Armaldo struggled underneath the enormous weight of Paladin, but, surprisingly, managed to free himself. He retaliated with a Crush Claw, which struck Paladin straight in the chest. Then, something extraordinary happened. The Armaldo was suddenly enveloped in a glowing green gas, which seemed to be hurting him as the Armaldo writhed in pain. Paladin could only sit and watch as the green gas began eating away at the very being of the Ancient. Eventually, the Ancient existed no more, as his form had been reduced to nothing. The green gas then began floating towards Paladin, who began running away from it in fear. What if the same thing happened to him. He wasn't fast enough, though, and he hadn't made it very far before the green gas caught up to him. However, it didn't hurt him. He noticed that as the green gas enveloped him, he felt empowered. It then began seeping into the crack in his chest, and he suddenly realized what it was: it was his own mysterious energy. But how had it consumed the Armaldo in such a way? Was this the doing of his dark side? He didn't know the definite answers to either of those questions, but he decided that it was best left for another time, since there were still Ancients to kill.

Now empowered, Paladin charged at the remaining ten Ancients. He crushed the skull of an unsuspecting Rampardos with Hammer Arm, drawing the attention of its comrades. A fellow Rampardos charged at Paladin, but he was quick enough to dodge the attack and retaliate by grabbing the Ancient in mid-charge. He took hold of the Ancient's tail and used the force that would have been directed to the charge to spin himself around quickly. With that force, he flung the Rampardos in the opposite direction, and it flew at least ten feet before its skull was burst upon from an impact with a concrete building. The next to attack was an Aerodactyl, who descended from the skies and lunged at Paladin. He tried to claw Paladin in the eyes in order to blind him, but Paladin managed to defend himself with his own arm. The claws of the Aerodactyl scratched his arm, but Paladin used the opportunity to grab the Aerodactyl. The bird was now ensnared in his grasp, and Paladin was too heavy for it to be able to fly off. He took the bird in his arm as if it was a plaything, and threw it onto the ground. The Aerodactyl struggled to get back up, but before it could, Paladin stomped on it with his foot. When he retracted his foot, he saw a crumpled mess of wings and bones and blood.

He looked to the rest of the group. Two more Aerodactyl existed, along with an Archeops, but like last time, he would leave them for Accatosh. There were also two Bastiodon who looked ready to ram Paladin. The civilians were no longer a target, so they had just fled. The last two were Carracosta. Their typing was a little dangerous to Paladin, so he decided to go for them first. One shot a quick Water Pulse which Paladin took. The Water Pulse impacted with his chest, and he started to feel strange. the mysterious green gas had begun to exit his body. Under normal circumstances, Paladin would have stopped and questioned why it was leaving him and attacking others, but he decided to embrace it as his ally for now. The green gas floated swiftly towards one Carracosta, so Paladin decided to take out the other one himself. The Carracosta launched a Bubblebeam, each of the bubbles stinging Paladin's skin as they popped. He just kept charging, though, and eventually got close enough to lunge. The Carracosta tried to run, but Paladin grabbed him and Shadow Punched him twice, then finished him off with a Hammer Arm. As the first Carracosta died, Paladin felt his energies returning to him, empowering him with the force of the other Carracosta.

Only two Bastiodon remained, apart from the flyers which Accatosh would deal with. One of them appeared visibly frightened at the sight of Paladin, and was ready to flee, but the other had his eyes set on the Golurk, ready to begin charging. He did so, and Paladin simply stood and waited. At the last second, just before the Bastiodon would have hit him and knocked him down, he spun around and gave the Bastiodon a good kick in the backside to send him flying. Paladin then turned his attention to the now fleeing Bastiodon, who was shouting something while running away. Paladin focused, storing up some power, and then released it all through his leg as it was raised and fell to the ground again, causing an Earthquake. The Earthquake instantly knocked the running Basiodon, and any nearby Pokemon who weren't flying, down. Paladin took the opportunity to run at the struggling Bastiodon, and as soon as he could, he put the miserable thing down with a Hammer Arm.

It seemed that Accatosh would have no more fun with almost all the Ancients dead, but this was not so. The Bastiodon, Paladin realized, had been calling for backup. Two more Aerodactyl and another Archeops joined their flying comrades, giving Accatosh six Pokemon to kill. "Show your stuff," Paladin ordered his apprentice. "Show these Ancients how well my training has paid off," he smirked.

I'll have it done at some point. Most likely during the weekend or maybe Monday.
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