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My first was Link's Awakening, then OoT, then WW (which is my favorite, if MM isn't), then...I've played 'em all, but I've only beaten OoT and WW.

But I don't think OoT is overrated. It was originally my favorite, largely for the music, the atmosphere, and how well it transformed from 2D to 3D. Generally games that do that and get a lot of praise (the greatest example of this is Final Fantasy VII) are considered overrated.

...Then again, many people do say that OoT is the best game of all time, and I dunno about that, so in hindsight, OoT is pretty overrated, but I still think that it's an incredible game.

Twilight Princess...I have a history with that game. A personal history. A not so good history that isn't at all the fault of the game itself. It's the only Zelda game that I don't like, barring the two DS titles. I can't say it's because I don't like the game because it doesn't appeal to me, but it would be WAY too complicated to get into what caused me not to like it...though I'm not sure I did like the Wolf Link. Maybe one day I'll play it again.
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