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Name: Kagan
Sex: Male
Age: 27
Race: Wolf

Path: Kagan follows the path of vengeance. He hunts the humans who killed his family.



In his human form, Kagan's hair is a light shade of black, verging on brown, but not quite. He often keeps it untidy and scruffy so that it covers half of his face, only revealing the half with the red mark. The mark itself is actually a skin deformity only visible in his human form, since it is concealed underneath his fur in his wolf form. If you shaved his cheek while he was in wolf form, the red deformity would still be visible. The deformity is a strange occurrence in which a certain patch of skin becomes transparent, revealing the red veins of blood beneath. The deformity does not end there, it reaches up to his eye, causing the iris to also become transparent, which makes it seem as if he has a red eye. His other eye is actually deep chocolate brown. On one of his arms, he has a tattoo which resembles the shape of a dragon, though, again, it is only visible in his human form.

Kagan stands at 6 ft 6' and weighs about 140 pounds. His skin is very pale, even though he gets his regular dosage of sunlight. This makes his dark hair and clothes stand out even more. Most of the time, Kagan simply wears a dark brown A-shirt, along with a pair of black, Japanese-style pants, gloves, and a pair of black boots. However, when he isn't trying to appear casual, he wears a long, brown shawl, a metal-edged collar piece, a pair of metal-edged detached sleeves, and a metal plate bended around his waist. The plate also acts as a holster for the Katana that he sometimes carries for battle.

In his wolf form, Kagan takes the appearance of a deep black wolf with piercing white eyes, and a furry body. Generally, he is very well camouflaged in the darkness, which is why he only chooses to hunt at night. In his form of origin, Kagan stands at about 3 feet in height, and weighs 98 pounds. In this form, he can run incredibly fast, reaching speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

Personality: Kagan is a lone wolf in every sense of the word. He dislikes the company of others, generally, and will only stay with them if he has to. He even resents other wolves, especially the ones who go looking for Paradise, since he believes it all to be nothing but a fairy tale. He prefers to stay in the company of himself and his own thoughts, since over the course of his life he has learned that the only person he can depend on is himself. He is not lonely by any means, since being lonely infers that one actually dislikes the solidarity. Kagan actually enjoys his solidity. This makes him a rather selfish person by nature, and also distrusting. Although he was once the exact opposite of this, his experiences have shaped him into the person he is today. He shows no remorse for even the most terrible of his actions, and no regret for anything he's ever done. He's merciless towards his enemies, especially humans, and will not hesitate to destroy them.

While his ruthless nature is most often his greatest ally in combat and in the act of surviving, it is also Kagan's greatest weakness. Due to his solitary nature, he is unwilling to accept aid from anyone, even potential allies in his quest for vengeance. This would often get him into trouble, and because of his uncaring attitude, he ends up making more enemies than friends. He had trained himself to no longer form emotional attachments to anyone, since he knows that it would end in catastrophe.

History: Kagan's history is a long, tortured one, as he has suffered many losses along the way. It begins 27 years ago in Freeze City, where Kagan was born to two wolves, both in search of Paradise, named Jirus and Bella. The two were travellers, and were only staying in Freeze City for a while. Kagan's birth was a surprise, but a happy one at that. For most of his childhood, Kagan stayed with his parents in search of Paradise. They often met with Wolf Hunters and the like, but Jirus managed to save them every time. After travelling the country for years on end, the three eventually found themselves back in Freeze City, Kagan's birthplace. By then, they were on the verge of giving up the search. It seemed years had been wasted in fruitless effort. That's when it happened.

In Freeze City, hidden among the countless gangs that had been formed due to poverty reigning over the city, there existed a certain group of Wolf Hunters called the Executioners. Their main purpose was to eliminate all wolves in existence, since they saw them as a vermin to be destroyed. The Executioners were doing a pretty good job, too. They had made Freeze City an even more inhospitable territory for wolves, and they had bases in many other cities as well. On their return to Freeze City, Kagan and his parents encountered a troupe of Executioners. These highly-trained wolf killers quickly managed to subdue all three of them. During this time, Kagan was only an adolescent. His parents were killed first, in front of his own eyes. First, the Executioners forced them to revert back to their wolf forms, and then they slaughtered them mercilessly. This sight sent Kagan into a frenzy, and it was then that his true ferocity was revealed. He lunged at his attackers and managed to kill a couple before he fled. He left Freeze City, and scoured the land for many more years.

The more he survived, scavenging off what he could find like a common dog, the more his resentfulness for the Executioners grew. By the time he was eighteen, he was just about ready to commit suicide. That's when it happened again.

During one of his travels, Kagan met a beautiful young girl called Hira. She, too, was an orphan wolf who spent her days scavenging. The two instantly connected, and Kagan, who had been longing for someone to trust and care for, finally felt at peace. The two decided to end this endless cycle of travelling and scavenging, and settle down. The built a cottage in the countryside, and would often return to nearby cities to buy food, posing as humans. Granted, they had to steal often, but it was a good life. Of course, that was until the Executioners found them. The elite wolf hunters could instantly recognise him because of the red mark on his cheek, and pursued him back to his cottage where Hira waited. The Executioners were already there, a dead Hira at their feet. Kagan, after a battle with the murderers, managed to escape, but now the death of his one and only love hung over his conscience.

Deciding that enough was enough, Kagan finally made the decision to bring an end to the Executioners once and for all. So, he began his walk along the path of vengeance.

Although now hardened to be a warrior, he still wasn't the same person he is today. He still yearned for emotional attachment, but knew it would only end in disaster. He travelled far, and eventually found a secluded mountain range in which he chose to train. After years of rigorous training in order to become strong enough to fight the Executioners, he found a secluded little mountain village which he decided to use as a base. There, he made friends with the locals, who, although he was a wolf, gladly accepted him into their society. It was the first time he felt that he actually had some connection to humans. These people lived in such seclusion from the rest of the world that they didn't share the same hostility for the wolves. That was, of course, before it happened again.

The Executioners, of course. Just when it seemed that life was getting better for Kagan, they came once again. Initially, they had been pursuing another wolf, so they came across the village in which Kagan lived. Believing Kagan to be the wolf they were looking for, they burned the entire village in hopes of forcing him to come out of hiding. Many of the villagers died in the fire, and those who escaped were left to wander the cold landscape of the mountain. Kagan, angry beyond belief, murdered every single one of that troupe of Executioners. People he had lived alongside, and worked with, had just died because of them. Again. His friends were dead, and it was the fault of the Executioners once more.

Third time was the charm. After this, Kagan became emotionally detached and became a loner. Over time, he began to prefer the company of nobody but himself, and grew into the selfish, ruthless wolf he is today. He spends his days hunting those who have destroyed him, the Executioners, and will not rest until they are destroyed.

Passcode: Gray Wolf.

Alright, all done. Waddaya think?