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    Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
    Yet another hack with fakemon :) I have nothing against them, and I actually quite like them, tbh. But I like your shadings and stuff. Fakemans are a lot of work! you have to edit the icons etc. Your mapping looks very gamefreak-like and the OW looks well-edited. I cannot say this is an absolutely amazing hack, but what I can say is that this hack will go really far as long as you don't quit on it ^^ First-post advices ftw!!! xD
    Some of the Fakemon are Samson's public ones. Freshet and Dinol. My only one right now is Shadox, But I'll be trying to make more Fakemon myself. Especially the legendary Chimell.
    I like to keep my maps Gamefreak style, to me, it seems more appealing.

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