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    Spencer - Chapter 2


    Spencer tried to pull himself from out of the pit of sand that he lay in the center in. His chest had an aching pain from the harbinger's heel-drop. Debris was in the air and obscuring his view entirely. As he shifted his weight to his hands to lift himself up, he felt the heel hit him square in the throat, hard enough to push him back down to his back although not nearly as hard as the previous hit, which would have probably killed him if he took another hit like that.

    The girl shifted her weight to his chest, holding him down firmly, and began to laugh again. He had lost this fight and it might even be the last time he ever saw the light of living day again as he started to savor each moment she spared him.

    "My brother... You think you were protecting me but really you were just there for show!" she pushed a decent amount of her weight into her foot and kicked him halfway out of the pit they were currently in. "You're a pathetic excuse for a brother. You've given up too easily and this fight was BORING!"

    She slowly walked toward Spencer's damaged body. She seemed to be taking to much time to kill him so maybe it wasn't in her intentions. Either she was being really merciful, going to kill him slowly, or didn't intend to kill him at all. Spencer slowed his breathing and listened intently to what she had to say, ready to attack once he had caught his breath.

    "Do you want to know what happened back in Britain?" she said with an amused look on her face. As Spencer flashed a bewildered stare, she returned the gesture with a sadistic grin and began to crack her fist, halting her assault. "YOU BETRAYED US!" she dashed at him with unbelievable speed and pulled her fist back for a hard swing but stopped promptly, looking at the shiny object Spencer held.

    He was holding up the coin that he had kept over the years from her and she halted for a moment to grasp the object and examine it in disbelief right in front of him. Spencer didn't take advantage of her attention being elsewhere and stared in hope and longing that she would return to the sister he knew and helped him. She looked down at him and glared in a look mixed with contempt with a tinge of guilt and tossed the coin at him.

    "That coin..." she looked at him calmly before her rancor returned. "I ought to destroy that meaningless token." Spencer clutched the coin to his chest and slowly rose to his feet. Leaning from side to side to maintain his balance. He began to stumble side to side, nearing her and when he was within arm's proximity, he raised his right hand in a closed fist and his left held up the coin.

    "STOP LYING! You're going to tell me that my short-lived life was for nothing?! That all I did for you was worthless and just spit on it?" He tightened his fist around the coin and warped behind her and lifted her by her leg, pushing her off balance. This was by no means a skilled attack but unpredictable even to the harbinger. "If you're not going to come with me, then I'm either going to return home in critical condition or I'm going to break every bone in your body and drag you back with me!"


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