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At the moment when avatars are resized by VB to make thumbnails for them they lose any transparency they might have had, uglying up profile pages.

All that would need to be done is a quick search for this in the memberinfo_block_ministats template:


and this in the memberinfo_visitormessage template:

(there is only one instance of each of them in each template)

and replace them both with this instead:


and then finally, replace this in the memberinfo_tiny template:

(again, the only instance of it in the template)

with this:


I have a feeling I've said something about this before though, years and years and years ago. I don't remember the response to it though, and I can't find the post, so feel free to refresh my memory if there was a good reason it wasn't done.

I do know that I had a different, messier and less thought out solution last time which could have been why.
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