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    Originally Posted by SaniOKh View Post
    As I like to say, "The Bible was written by people who thought the Earth was flat".
    Yes, but how many Christians today believe that the earth is flat? I don't even know of any evangelicals who believe that.

    It is rude to assume that all Christians are evangelicals just as it is rude to assume that all atheists are obsessed with Richard Dawkins. I also hate when people assume that 99% of Christians live in the United States - not even 10 percent do. Some parts of the US are as atheistic as Scandinavia. Go to the Pacific Northwest and there's lots of atheists. While it's true that most Republicans are Christian, most Democrats are too. I'm Catholic, and Catholics are well-represented in both parties.

    On the other hand, I am very suspect of many new religious movements. I am perfectly fine with Wicca. Neopaganism is okay since at least they're trying to reconstruct dead religious systems. But Scientology is a scam. Scientology targets celebrities because it needs the money. That's why a lot of Scientologists are people with money. But not all - average people can be Scientologist too.

    I enjoy being Catholicism, but I hate how a lot of Catholics are. Most of the Catholic fundamentalists seem to be American. The fact that we have goons like Phyllis Schlafly and Pat Buchanan in our church makes me sick. The fundamentalists that aren't American are bad too. I wanted to shoot my head off when I found out that this politician in England converted to Catholicism just because she liked that women weren't in the clergy. That is just ridiculous - and it gives the unfortunate (and FALSE) idea that most Catholics have very Victorian attitudes towards women. Seriously, we don't need Catholic women represented by Anita Bryant wannabes.
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