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Originally Posted by Ewery1 View Post


OMG OREGAN THAT WAS PERFECT! Okay, sorry, but that was a really nice post. Okay, I don't know if other people would agree with this, but I think that the Pokemon should gain levels for this. Charmander grew to level 8. Spinarak grew to level 5. It wants to learn Scary Face, will it?

ORegan's questions:
I guess it would be when it is out of the Pokeball. Also, there is a book, with the words war and peace in it, that are highlighted.
It all depends on how leveling works in your RP. If Pokemon gain XP for using their abilities and such outside of battle, then yes(except for maybe Charmander...he just used Dragon Pulse once. Maybe he should stay where he is. Spinarak is a versatile beast though and will take Mean Look.) This would allow Pokemon to gain levels quicker and prevents this from becoming and RP of level grinding. So many of the fire types can make camp fires, the only water-type currently on the team can be used as an emergency fire extinguisher, the various electric types can be used to power various electronic devices, etc.

But where is the book on the table or on the bookshelf?

There is a book open on the table, and has the words, "War and Peace" highlighted.
OOC: If you pull the book War and Peace out of the bookshelf, the bookshelf will move to the side, exposing a trap door.

^ See what I mean?

Also, PM of ideas coming your way to think about.
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
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