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^ that's definitely not a bad thing, though. It keeps the series from running out of steam. Keeps viewers/readers genuinely interested in whatever the hell's coming up next. That's my view, anyway. Seriously, if it weren't for TONS of unanswered questions in One Piece even after almost 600 episodes/700 chapters now I doubt it'd still be interesting

Though yeah, it'd be one hell of a letdown if the explanations ultimately fail to be satisfactory. It's gotta be something I could never think about. There were quite a few things that I guessed while reading the manga and they turned out to be true. Things like
Eren and Annie being titans. Didn't see this coming, though - Ryner and the other guy being the armored and the collosal titans. That came out of nowhere, lol

That said, due to all the things being kept a secret, the wait for a new chapter becomes excruciatingly painful. ;____; I JUST finished reading the manga upto the point it's available on the internet and I'm just longing for another chapter. Pretty darn sure it's a monthly manga looking at the chapter size. Anybody knows for certain if it's monthly? Or is it like one of those mangas where a chapter comes out in six months or a year? (berserk, anyone?)

Also, I don't want this to be a 25 episode anime. :< It probably won't have a good ending. But hey, always up for it if it's gonna have more than one season. :p
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