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Originally Posted by lollygag View Post
On the other hand, I am very suspect of many new religious movements. I am perfectly fine with Wicca. Neopaganism is okay since at least they're trying to reconstruct dead religious systems. But Scientology is a scam. Scientology targets celebrities because it needs the money. That's why a lot of Scientologists are people with money. But not all - average people can be Scientologist too.
I think this is a really interesting point, the part in bold. The point about how it's got roots in an older religious system. It kind of raises the idea of legitimacy being tied to age and if you can connect your belief system to something old - the older the better - then you've got more legitimacy.

Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
That aside, I think the "big five" as you described them have some degree of legitimacy (or something like that) due partly to their age. Or more specifically, all the extra that came along with their longevity. They've contributed to art, culture, history, philosophy, etc. The new guys don't have that backstory that contributes to a perceived legitimacy. If any of the big five started today in a vacuum, like the other new religions of today are, I'd think people would look at them like comic books lol
This is another good, similar point, that we give more credence to religions that have contributed things to the world. It does seem like an underlying reason we're hesitant to accept new religions.
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