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I think Snivy's story was that she had abandoned her trainer, but even so... what happened to that poor kid? Did they go back to Juniper crying for a new starter, or did they already have a Pokémon to continue on with? How did a little kid cope with probably their first Pokémon straight up ditching them? I'd like some expansion on that now that I think about it wow.

I'd also like to see more Pokémon interaction. It seems like the only ones that wander 'round outside their Pokéballs randomly are Oshawott, Pika, and Axew. They don't seem to bring everyone out for mealtimes or relaxing play or any training. ;;

And yeah familiar faces please! Bianca and Stephan should come by at some point at least. Actually they should show up together because Bianca would get horribly lost by herself. ACTUALLY better yet- the ending shows all the rivals being in touch. If there's a tournament or something they should all hop on a boat and go over there. <33

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