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Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone! I really appreciate them and what you said about me in your posts (if you mentioned me as a person). I just want to quote a few people to correct them, but to everyone who posted here, I really appreciate your birthday wishes.

Originally Posted by NecrumWarrior View Post
Yay! Happy birthday Nick! I may not know you much, but I know Syd, so I pretty much know you too. Anyway, I'm rambling. Go drink some booze! Do it now!
I didn't drink. I spent my birthday working.

Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post
So many people turning 21 on PC this year. especially in May!

Happy birthday Nick. We don't talk much but when I see you around the forums, you seem like a nice and friendly dude and you come off with a cool vibe about you.

Hope you enjoy your day, along with some cake.

I only like ice cream cake, so I won't eat that.

Originally Posted by tabor62 View Post
Happy 21st Birthday Nick! Have some Chinese food:

You should have given me what Mike (Toshiro.) got me, a cool ranch locos taco. But Chinese food is good too.

Also, a huge thanks to Sydian for being such a wonderful pair and person for this and all the things she's done off of PC for me throughout the day. I love you!
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