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While yes, it's sometimes considered good and noble to stay out of the way with regards to foreign politics, sometimes It is necessary to get involved to protect our own interests. With regards to that, I'm fairly sure the US is good at protecting these things usually.

Part of the interests of the US is in fact spreading the idea of democracy. It's been that way at least for 50 years, give or take 10 or 20, and most leaders of democratic nations usually don't take long to warm up to the US and realize we're only out to maintain peace in the world.

I don't believe we make war for light or frivolous reasons, we do so to stop tragedy and famines, we're picking up the people of the world and giving them the same choices we have.

I don't believe that any of the wars the US has been in since World War II has been any war that wasn't either instigated by someone else, or caused by a country choosing to wage war on our allies. The USA has a LOT of Allies. We look out for a large portion of the world.

The Middle Eastern countries however are a bit of a different story. Unfortunately people here seem to think they didn't want us in the fray. This is true, however it is irrelevant. The Middle East has long been a tinderbox for religious tensions and senseless wars. Wars that would, if left unchecked, erupt rather emphatically into a World War when one country finally persuades a bigger country like China or Russia to help them. China and Russia are powers in their own right, and they're pretty eager to stir trouble. So they feed the fires and watch them burn. Someone has to toss water in on it or it could cause a blaze.

If the USA had been a country with selfish intentions, North Korea would have been wiped out years ago, regardless of how China felt. China however took North Korea under it's wing and we allowed it, so long as China can keep North Korea from doing anything too dumb. Do we like it? Not really, as far as I know.

Being a Superpower means taking the lead sometimes, and it's a tough job. That doesn't always make you friends with everybody though, especially not with the ones who are intent on breaking the rules you're enforcing.
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