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    Easily beat Roxanne and kicked the Aqua grunt's ass.
    Then kicked my Rival's ass.
    Was way too easy with my Wingull.
    This thing is a real beast earlygame...
    So on to Dewford where I'll get my Tentacool.
    Got the Tentacool and kicked Brawley's ass.
    On to Slateport! Kicking Team Aqua Grunt's asses yet again...
    Easily beat Wattson in Mauvile and moved on to Fallarbor and the Meteor Falls.
    I did decide to pick up a Solrock. Want to give it a try.
    It was actually pretty useful against Flannery,
    although I did have an entire team of water pokémon at my disposal...
    I did visit the desert and caught a Trapinch.
    Still not entirely sure whether I want a Claydol or not.
    As expected I did beat Winona with much ease.
    Now of to grind some more and then it's onto more Team Aqua/Magma trouble
    I beat Brendan with ease. Really he's no challenge at all...
    Team Aqua and Magma were no issue at all either...
    Now I can FINALLY get my Spheal <3
    And after that I easily beat Liza and Tate.
    Vibrava was no help at all >.>
    Solved the whole Groudon/Kyogre mess,
    and on to the final Gym.
    Tentacruel has Giga Drain and Pelipper has Shock Wave.
    Solrock has Solarbeam.
    That went pretty smooth. As usual Kingdra decided to be a pain in the ass...
    On to Victory Road. Wally was laughably easy as usual I suppose.
    Got through without Flash. And now I'm at the League.
    Terribly underleveled though...

    Pelipper lvl 44
    Aerial Ace
    Shock Wave
    Ice Beam

    Swampert lvl 44
    Brick Break
    Mud Shot

    Walrein lvl 44
    Ice Beam
    Water Pulse
    Body Slam

    Solrock lvl 46
    Rock Slide

    Tentacruel lvl 48
    Ice Beam
    Sludge Bomb
    Giga Drain

    Flygon lvl 52
    Dragon Breath

    I went in for a run knowing full well I'd die XD
    Then I decided to train my pokémon to at least 50...
    And gave Swampert Surf over Dive...
    When it got level up it learned Earthquake,
    so put that in over Mud Shot...
    Unfortunately I didn't manage to get past Milotic
    (Due too not enough revives/potions before I started the fight)
    Now I'm going to get everyone to at least 53
    I got true my entire stock of revives/potions,
    and all my money as well XD
    So it'll be hard buying those 10 revives/full restores
    Oh well of to training...

    And with that I easily beat the game :D
    It was a really fun run. Way more fun than my Post Apoc Run,
    which had me really cringing at times...

    Anyway for this run I loved Pelipper and Solrock.
    They are way underappreciated pokémon...
    Tentacruel was nice but I barely used it :o
    Flygon basicly sucked, Walrein was limited usage,
    and Swampert just filled some gaps where needed.
    I think the next run I'll be doing will be on Fire Red.
    And by the way my save file was corrupted again >.>
    Even though earlier I continued from the main save file.
    Oh whatever...
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