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Just tossing around an idea, we should probably get some small projects going like tier lists for individual tiers. Like ranking the viability of some Pokemon in a tier, I know Smogon does the same and although we shouldn't try to become a Smogon clone nor do we have their playerbase I feel this idea is viable. Although we aren't Smogon, we are a competitive forum and we need to stick to those roots. This only works if people are willing to post and contribute though.

We could take a tier like NU and UU and slowly formulate a list for it. I mean it's not even trying to create our own tier, it's more like throwing some opinions out and getting some discussion going. What this forum lacks is discussion, don't you remember a few years ago where we had suspect discussions that went on for pages and pages. That kept the forum going, we need something like that. We have a limited but sufficient playerbase for small projects like these.

Anyways take this with a grain of salt.