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    Originally Posted by Forever View Post
    See, while that would be a good idea I just don't think it'd fly. We have the userbase but the majority doesn't play competitive, and viability rankings would be decided by just a small group of people while the others don't understand. I think as a whole we need to motivate everyone more, and then get stuff going. Half the community only plays randbats, so
    I think we have the userbase but it's honestly too lazy (myself included).

    I mean the UU tournament filled up pretty quickly and there were people who were disappointed they didn't get in. If the fifteen or so people decided to work on this 'tier/viability list' we could get somewhere I feel. I mean Smogon's lists probably have about 30 people on them but at times it's less then ten debating. It's a matter of interest and motivation as you said.

    Just saying we need more then simple "Do you x" threads and more discussion-orientated and interesting threads which will keep people coming back.