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    Originally Posted by ORegan View Post
    But where is the book on the table or on the bookshelf?

    There is a book open on the table, and has the words, "War and Peace" highlighted.
    OOC: If you pull the book War and Peace out of the bookshelf, the bookshelf will move to the side, exposing a trap door.

    ^ See what I mean?
    i almost posted the same question earlier, until after reading it three more times, it finally dawned on what it really says.
    1: a book called ''WAR AND PEACE'' is sitting in the bookshelf.
    2: a DIFFERENT book lies open on the table, with the indivual words ''WAR'', ''AND'', ''PEACE'' in the text, highlighted with a pen.

    also ORegan, after that last post you're kind of my new hero in storywriting. D:
    i'm... definitely curious as to how we're going to keep the Ursaring AND Sawsbuck from killing us all inside though, seeing as how Ursaring already managed to break the front door down apparently...
    -- i don't need promises.
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