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    Pokemon Eccentric Emerald

    New Patch Out!

    Greetings, everyone! Seeing as I had some spare time, I decided to create my own take on the most fleshed out of the Hoenn games, Pokemon: Emerald Version! Though it is still a work in progress, I intend on making this an entertaining 386 patch with a heightened difficulty.

    Points of Interest And Planned Changes
    • All 386 Species available (currently lacking Gen I Fossils, Unown and I/II Legendaries)
    • New Evolution methods (including new items)
    • Different Ability combinations (Ex: Overgrow or Shed Skin on Treecko)
    • Physical/Special Split (Courtesy of DoesntKnowHowToPlay's patch and knowledge)
    • Improved Moves, Movesets
    • Improved Trainer rosters (Magma and Aqua actually use more than just Zubat and Poochyena!)
    • Access to all Safari Zone areas Pre-Championship
    • Special Cameos from the Nuzlocke Community

    V1.41 Summary
    Hey everyone, just a quick patch while I have a few spare moments. Nothing too noticeable, just a few changes such as:
    • Tyranitar properly having a 2nd Ability
    • The inclusion of the Event Tickets required to Catch Mew, Ho-Oh, Lugia, [email protected], and Deoxys
    • Changing of Sableye's 2nd Ability (Shadow Tag got annoying fast)
    • Steven's tag battle team got a facelift!
    • Newest patch should fix the Regi Room Issue
    The next is looking to take a while, but will try to include new maps in order to obtain Mewtwo, the Kanto Fossils, Legendary Birds, Jirachi, and Celebi. Oh, and I guess Unown, since they're a thing too...


    Old News

    V1.4 Overhaul #2! Summary
    Happy (belated) New Year! This rollout includes a more stable patch, containing all prior changes and the following:
    • New Rival Team Combinations! Each Gender and Starter will now have unique line ups, for a total of 6 potential teams!
    • Item Changes! There are a few more hidden freebies, as well as moving the Good Rod and Super Rod to earlier locations.
    • Area Alterations! A few Routes have been given aesthetic changes to liven them up!
    • More Stat, Movepool, and Attack Changes! Tropius, for example, received a few boosts, and Swift is now a Steel Type Attack!
    • Trade Edits! I don't recall if I mentioned this one, but all in-game trades now offer different species!
    Old Saves should function with the new patch, provided it is with a fresh ROM. Documentation is included over all matters. The next patch should (hopefully) contain access to the Tickets required to explore the various tropical islands that house Legendary Pokemon, as well as some ancient give-a-ways!

    V1.32! Summary
    Boo! Its a quick patch before Halloween! Includes the prior changes, as well as:
    • Air Cutter's power has been increased!
    • Flygon can now learn Outrage!
    • Two Special Battles, giving you a final taste of certain people associated with Land and Sea!

    Current Issues
    Bag sprites on the Poke Ball, TM, and Berries pages are still corrupt. Not sure how, but they are.
    Blaziken somehow had its cry corrupt. So much for that AMap fix to prevent it...
    Apparently something has tampered with the tileset for Oldale. Guh.

    Rework Patch! (V 1.3) Summary

    As of 10/11/13, I have redone the patch in order to avoid sound corruption and scripts being overwritten. Hopefully, there isn't much left in there. Includes all changes from patches prior to V1.3

    • Moveset, ability, and stat changes to almost every species available in Generation III
    • Move alterations to put them on par with their Gen V power
    • Inclusion of almost every species up to Gen III
    • Evolution items! These allow trade-only species to evolve without that requirement (although old methods are still available)
    • Physical Special Split (courtesy of DoesntKnowHowToPlay's patch)
    • Trainer edits! Wouldn't be as fun without new challenges! Almost literally every trainer/rematch has been altered to make the game more challenging and flavorful.
    This patch includes documentation on all habitat changes, important trainer changes, and species changes, as well as a quick explanation on the new items. Good luck, and enjoy!

    Current Issues
    Bag sprites on the Poke Ball, TM, and Berries pages are still corrupt. Not sure how, but they are.
    Blaziken somehow had its cry corrupt. So much for that AMap fix to prevent it...
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