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    Currently just a little over 2k RE's and no shiny (nidoran) yet. Oh well guess I can't stop until I find one xD.

    Does anyone know the odds of finding a shiny by RE? Yes I know its 1/8192 lol, but I wanted to know the average of finding a shiny averagely speaking. I think I remember once I read something in the lines of:

    Under 1k RE's 10% of people find their shiny
    By more or less 5800 RE's 50% of people find their shiny

    But I can't remember exactly where I found it or if it is accurate. Also I calculated my amount of RE's per hour and I think I can do between 250-300 RE's depending on how distracted I am lol. Is that considered a good, average or bad rate? Worst case scenario it means if I really do encounter a shiny at 8192 I'll be around 30 hrs of searching xD...awwtch

    Oh and @ Kitori, the stationary pokemon, do the pokemon in the game corner also count? I also thought of an additional idea, though it's entirely up to you and I won't feel offended if you tell me euhh no wtf xD. Anyway, we have to get at least a 3rd shiny before battling the 8th gym correct? What if you make it like you have to have at least 6 SHINY pokemon in order to fight the E4 (champion) with those 6 shinies only? Hall of fame would be entirely shiny:D.

    And I know I could be a bit silly but how can we check if a person is being honest or not? (I know I am but everyone can say whatever they want lol). Do we have to put pictures as proof or something? Or you take our word for it:p?

    Phew that was it haha xD. Good luck in finding your shinies people