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I've only done like 200 SRs for my challenge, I have finals next week and I've been doing a lot of work for my business. @[email protected]; Soon it will be vacation and I will have a ton of time, though!

Everyone who has signed up has been added to the list, by the way.

Originally Posted by Janske View Post
Does anyone know the odds of finding a shiny by RE? Yes I know its 1/8192 lol, but I wanted to know the average of finding a shiny averagely speaking. I think I remember once I read something in the lines of:

Under 1k RE's 10% of people find their shiny
By more or less 5800 RE's 50% of people find their shiny
I'm not sure that's correct? Sure it's possible to get shinies under 10% and under 50% of the actual chance of finding one but chances are the next one will be above the average. I mean, if you took everyone who ever found a shiny's data in a 1/8192 senario and found the average of that it should be right about 1 shiny in every 8192 SRs/REs/etc. Some would be higher than 8192, some would be lower, and some would be average.

Originally Posted by Janske View Post
Also I calculated my amount of RE's per hour and I think I can do between 250-300 RE's depending on how distracted I am lol. Is that considered a good, average or bad rate?
I've never actually paid attention to my REs per hour, so I don't know. @[email protected]; Maybe I will next time I have a solid hour to play. lol

Originally Posted by Janske View Post
Oh and @ Kitori, the stationary pokemon, do the pokemon in the game corner also count?
Game Corner can also count if you want it to! If you don't want it to then it doesn't have to. Haha. The optional rules are basically just additional things you can challenge yourself with. Getting the Game Corner pokes shiny would be another badge of honor for yourself, I guess. ; When I made the rule I mostly meant Legendaries and other pokemon you see on the game screen and you interact with them to fight (Like Snorlax in R/B FR/LG).

Originally Posted by Janske View Post
Anyway, we have to get at least a 3rd shiny before battling the 8th gym correct? What if you make it like you have to have at least 6 SHINY pokemon in order to fight the E4 (champion) with those 6 shinies only? Hall of fame would be entirely shiny:D.
That's a great idea! I added it to the optional rules. I think it's a little much to ask people to do in the official rules, though. I think 3 shinies will be a lot as it is for some people.

Originally Posted by Janske View Post
And I know I could be a bit silly but how can we check if a person is being honest or not? (I know I am but everyone can say whatever they want lol). Do we have to put pictures as proof or something? Or you take our word for it:p?
I basically had just intended it to be by honor system... I mean the other challenges don't require you to post pictures to prove you've beaten the game with all the constraints. It'd be hard to take a picture of that anyway. I guess taking a picture of your Hall of Fame team would say a lot, though?

I'd love for people to take pictures of their shinies and post them as they get them, though! I like to look at them and I like to post pictures myself as "proof" even though I don't think anyone would accuse me of lying. (except my first two shinies on W2 I got within a day of each other... so that is kind of suspicious I guess haha.)

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