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    @ Kitori; Wow I can't believe you put so much effort into answering all my questions haha thanks xD. I might get a camera and take a picture if i have a shiny encounter or of charmander, just cause pictures are always nice xD?

    I have no idea how to show/upload a picture with a post though lol, I mean I only signed up 4 days ago:D. But if you could tell me it would be very much appreciated:D.

    Oh and only 200 SR's :O? You're quite the busy type aren't you? But I know what you mean though I have the same . Never stable work hours, early shift night shift, weekend shift etc. But at least I love my job lol. One of the best I have had so far:D.

    And I knew the statistics were off lol. I guess it was just a percentage of people finding a shiny in a certain forum/thread. Like for example in that forum 10% managed to find 1 under 1k, 50% under5.8k and the rest 40% took more than 5.8k. I mean as far as I canr remember lol.

    And 2 shinies in a day on BW2? I never even had one in gen V haha xD. You really are a lucky one I guess

    @ TSE; Wow 9900 encounters? That's so unfortunate. I hope you get it soon really. I think you can hunt for 2 at once before the 1st gym. I mean Kitori only said u needed to have 2 before the 4th gym. She didn't tell us we couldn't have already 2 before even getting there haha :D. But she can correct me if wrong of course and I hope if Im wrong I don't get beat up or she uses a hyper beam on me haha xD. --> EDIT: It is allowed haha, yaay I don't get hyper beamed :D!