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Here is my progress:
Part 1:
Gym Badges: 1
Went through picking my starter, beating rival to death, and doing various quests until the first gym, where I won relatively easily with my only Pokemon, Timothy the Patrat, which I had to box my starter, Tepig, to where I won't use him again.

Pokemon: 1 (Nickname/Pokemon [Lvl.])
Timothy/Patrat [13]
Temporary: 0

I'm choosing the Industrial Revolution until the next badge, with Steel as my temporary type and Danger rule as my additional temporary rule.
I am probably going to get a Magnemite for the next gym...

Hmmm... Maybe I can do a second challenge with my Time Rift one...

I'll do it!

Username: DeltaWeegee (Still doesn't matter, right?)
Game: Leaf Green
Era: Post-Apocalyptic Scenario
Rules: All(?)

Is it O.K. if I don't use all of the rules of an era, but one or two if there is more than one???? Please help me!
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