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Myself I love creating characters, and fleshing them out. I enjoy writing too as I find it relaxing which is a wonderful thing for me. My life can be pretty hectic what with working non-stop monday-thurs.[65+ hours.]

I should have a post up soon too, I've been avoiding writing the last two days as I've been pretty drunk / hangover / drunk again. Writing drunk is never a good idea. I once wrote an entire 8k word essay for geography whilst drunk. When i reread it in the morning I realized that I had actually written 15k words, none of which were about the intended topic. Most of it was random musings including why I enjoy toast and what I would be if I were an animal. Part of it was [terrible] poetry about my hometown.
I have motivation to write now, because once I'm done I can go and get drunk again. Student life eh?
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