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You love everyone? Me too! :D Let's love everyone together, yeah? But anyway, welcome to PC, Shiki. Love your font choice, looks great!

Oh, so you started with the fourth generation, sweet! D/P weren't my favorite of the Pokemon games but they were one of the games I spent the most time on. I'm suuuper glad to hear you've played all the games since - that's amazing. n~n Shows just how dedicated you are to Pokemon. I started with Red and Blue back in 1999 so we both got into the series at really different times, though every fan is the same here regardless of when they got into it. So long as you're a PokeFan, you'll be our best friend and fit in perfectly! You're right about us being nice so I'll be hoping to see you settle in as a new member of the community and become one of those nice people as well.

And man I love anime too! Fairy Tail, Pandora Hearts, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hitman Reborn.. my list of favorites are endless, hehe. In fact, lots of us do here. General Entertainment will be a great board for you since you can discuss anime there, though it's also the place to go for all entertainment purposes like TV shows and music. Of course there's also the Challenges board if you're looking to delve into those, as already suggested, plus many other places that would likely catch your eye here. You'll fit in great! <3; Make sure to stick around and have a great time; let's get to getting you past that first post. If you need anything, I'm always here, so feel free to contact myself or another moderator whenever!

(Oh the topic of challenges, I really like them. My favorites are monotype though, plus the event-specific challenges Sydian hosts in the Challenges section. Those are great!)

Great meeting you and see you around the forum, Shiki!

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