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Hello there Shiki. I'm glad you love everyone cause that includes me. lol.

My first game was Pokemon Red. So yep, I'm one of those people who were there from the beginning. :) Diamond was the version I got and I thought it was a great. While it's not my favorite , I really enjoyed it. And I didn't care for half of the 4th gen Pokemon at first but they eventually grew on me. :) My favorite has to be gen III, I enjoyed Emerald a ton and FireRed/Leafgreen too. No matter what generation or Pokemon you like, you're still welcomed here. There's Pokemon fans of all kinds here, so no matter what you'll fit in some how.

I love Dark type too ass well! In fact I have a Dark type club and I think you should check it out. We're not the busiest clubs , but I have fun owning it and we're still cool. My favorite Dark type would be Umbreon. It's not the strongest but it's just cool. Speaking of clubs, the club we have here is one way you can make a good amount of friends. We don't have an anime club, but we have some for certain anime like Fairy Tail and Sword Art Online. So I definitely think you'll fit in here well and I hope you do.Hope you enjoy it here and have fun. If you just like to chat go ahead and send me a friendly visitor's message. See you around!
im back
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