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Originally Posted by Gym Leader Rozu View Post
Username: Gym Leader Rozu.
Favorite Character: Marcilene, Jake, Finn, Fionna, Cake, Ice King and Tree Trunks!
What time is it?: ADVENTURE TIME!! (and lunch time... I'm terrible)! xD

I love The Enchiridion and Her Parents, I haven't been able to watch much but I love the series so much! It's bombasticness is outta control, y'all!

Bye bye for now, gotta eat some Soy People! Super Rozu.
Welcome to the club Rozu!
edit: Can you pick one favorite character please? I add it under your name and don't want it to be long. It's fine if you like more than character, but for consistency, please pick one. Thanks. :)

I posted this last night but I didn't realize there was a 2 week no revival rule/ no double posting rule. >.< Sorry Andy, my bad.

Anyway, to keep up activity, I thought I post a preview of the next episode, Shh! . I'll try to post these more often so we could possibly discuss them. You know, talk about hwta we think will happen and such. Speculate.

This might be a fun episode but I feel it could also being sort of ridiculous. I wonder why Finn and Jake aren't gonna be talking? What happened to cause this. Magic Man putting a spell on them? Finn and Jake getting into a fight? Or are they just trying people and just having fun. I'm gonna wait and watch it before judging though. It could end up being a fun episode either way. :)

To get more activity flowing how about a new topic too?

Do you have a favorite season of Adventure Time so far?

Me? Not really, I mean the series isn't over yet and season 6 is currently in the making. Plus I have seen all of the episodes yet so i really can't pick one. Though I loved a lot of episodes from season 3.
im back