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Adrian Frode

Adrian coughed and spluttered as he hit the ground, having suffered a kick to his chest. He had yet again been outmatched by his harbinger opponent, this time attempting to cut upwards with a large swing he had received a single, strong kick to his chest and hit the ground hard. Calder then thrust his own weapon downward forcing Adrian to roll onto his side, the attack though caught his right arm and punctured the limb. Adrian howled in pain as he was pinned to the ground, the sand getting stained by his blood.

Calder kicked Adrian in the side shattering at least two of his ribs
"Had enough Reaper?". Adrian responded by kicking his legs up and knocking his enemy back, he then stood up, slowly and shakily getting to his feet and ripping his enemies weapon out of the ground as he did so.
"No... I'm just getting warmed up". Adrian pulled the blue blade from his arm and hurled it at its owner before picking his own up and preparing to run at Calder. the harbinger had other idea though as he ran forward, catching his weapon, and slamming the hilt of the sword into Adrian's head sending him to his knees. He then followed by delivering a kick to the side of his head which knocked him several feet to the side, causing a splay of blood-covered dirt to fly up.

Adrian's vision darkened and blurred as he fell in a heap
I'm probably going to die... what a strange thought after having lived so much longer than any normal person. Adrian's heart sank, he knew he was beaten but he was determined to do his job. Adrian began to push himself to his feet, for what would quite possibly be the last time.

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