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So since this is a beta period, we're going to try something different out for new threads.

We're starting to get a lot of threads here, and they're starting to get a little overwhelming when you're simply browsing the forum. We're going to continue to accept threads, and nothing will be happening to the threads already existing. Everyone is welcome to having a thread here.

That said, we want to try something new out for those interested in having a new thread here. Invitations.

Rather than having a wait list and building not excitement, but annoyance, we're doing invitations. Our goal is to get you to still look forward to the time your thread shows up here, rather than getting annoyed that it still hasn't happened yet and losing your interest when it comes to the point in time where your thread finally does get approved (the Pottermore affect).

If you want to create a thread here, we're going to start a period (this will last one or two weeks) where before you create a thread, you'll have to post here. After you post here, expressing your interest (you can just post something like "I'd like to post a thread here. Invite please!") you'll get an invite from a higher staff member (TwilightBlade, Razor Leaf, or myself are the main ones organizing this forum, so you'd get one from one of us) in a VM or PM telling you it's okay to post your thread and, assuming it meets the very simple guidelines, it'll be approved within 24 hours -- usually MUCH less.

SO before you post your thread:
1. Post here expressing your interest.
2. Wait for a go ahead to post your thread from TwilightBlade, Razor Leaf, or myself.
3. Post your thread.
4. Wait for your thread to be approved.
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