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    Really good Randomizer (in fact my favorite), but there are some things that bug me or I think could make a good addition:

    1. The B/W exp patch causes US G/S/C games to glitch out (Infinite exp gain, game self Soft Resets with glitchy colors (or playing Crystal will might display the "This Game Pak is designed only for use on the Game Boy Color" screen) , straight up emulator crash, or all of the above)

    2. Allowing the "Rival carries Starter through game" check box. If you don't want random Trainer Pokemon. but have random or selected starter Pokemon.

    3. A "Level legitimacy" option or rule, so trainers/wild will have random level appropriate pokemon (so no more lvl 15 dragonites and lvl 3 charizards) but can put a Game Freak things like lvl 50 Dragonites can still happen. (and have the two below be compatible with this option)

    4. a Trainer/wild pokemon level increaser. So you could input a single digit number, like 3 and then they can be randomly 0-3 levels higher. and have them separate (so you can somthing like 3 for trainers and 5 for wild pokemon)

    5. a "Randomize Pokemon by type" option, which means each pokemon would be replaced by a random pokemon of it's type (example: a Trainer with 5 Zigzagoons, would instead have 5 random normal pokemon) (incase of dual types, the randomizer would just pick one type or choose a random pokemon of the same dual type).

    Edit: I forgot to mention that when you give random names and/or classes to Trainers, your Rival may not keep the starter even though the "Rival carries Starter through game" is checked
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