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    Hm.. To be honest: the first ones I'd relieve the game of would be Purugly, Magmortar, Ambipom, the finneon line, Probopass and Lickilicky. I'm not really all to fond of these. All of them save the Finneon line don't really look all that good on the eye. And to me, Magmortar seems a little out of place - It doesn't seem to fit all that well into the Magmar line like Electevire fits into the Electebuzz line. Finneon line just appears as useless as Ratatta to me in all honesty (that's because I had an Empoleon - which is a BOSS pokemon).
    In terms of battle stats and all that, I'd say Infernape - having leveled it to 100, its attack and speed are all good, but its DEFENCE good lord - even when I bought god knows how many Irons it didn't really do too much. I'm not all that sure on the Rotom-Possessed Appliances either... I was stuck on the fact that Rotom gaining a second type after losing it's ghost type ability was something stupid or something unique...
    Besides that really, I can't think of too many Pokemon I want removing
    Let's go.
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