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It is an absolute pleasure to meet you, Ebony! Welcome to PokeCommunity!

Ahh, Gengar is amazing. Probably the coolest ghost type out there and also one of the strongest if not the strongest. :] Going by your interests I think you'll really enjoy our Pokemon Clubs board, so check it out. We have clubs for many types and other Pokemon-related subjects there, and if one you're looking for doesn't exist you can take a look at the Grand-Master thread to see if you'd be able to reserve it. Just a suggestion that you might find interesting!

And it's definitely true that there are plenty of people here who started their love for Pokemon way back during the days of Red and Blue. That includes myself, actually; I started with R/B in 1999 which is almost fourteen years ago now. Pokemon is an amazing franchise, isn't it? People who love the series even now with all the changes are the coolest fans, though, since it shows just how dedicated you are for continuing to play the series after so long. Glad to hear you'll be picking up Black 2 - it's amaazing, trust us! Heaps better than Black & White and that's saying something since B/W were amazing on their own. Take a look at the Fifth Generation board to discuss these games anytime as well, if you're interested! The regulars there would love to have a new face pop into the section!

And awwww, don't worry about not being good at adding to the conversation. It's understandable, especially when you're a new person on a forum like this one! It's all right. :D I just like to post welcome messages in people's threads to try and make them more comfortable, as do our other amazing Welcome Lounge regulars, so hopefully this has helped you settle in a bit. I'm around whenever if you want to talk more, so message me through my profile anytime! If not, that's all right, because you're still an awesome person.

Stick around and have a wonderful time, Ebony. We're happy to have you!

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