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Originally Posted by The Girl Who Walks With Pokemon View Post
I have a Rayquaza C lv. X with 120 HP, Final Blowup that does 200 and Poke body Dragon Spirit that let's you if your hurt to let you place 2 energy cards if Rayquaza C is active. It is real, my friend has the tin and everything. It also has a picture of Cyntha (who is in diamond, pearl, and platinum) and SP is said on the other side that Cynthia.
(I can't spell her name right). Thank you and enjoy your magical waffle power
Please do not revive threads that are over a month old. If you are looking for card values, we have a thread for that, but you have to read the first post and provide all the details of the card and make it clear what you're asking for.

This exact post is not a post that indicates you're asking for the card's value, though, so you'll have to word your post in such a way that does convey that you want to know what the card is worth in the thread I've linked to below (please read the first post before posting, though!):
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